Namur Angels Philisophy

Logo_Modifie_V6The Namur Angels are focused on motor skills for players up to 12 years old; we aim to develop athletes who will potentially become good baseball players, not mini-baseball players who will most-likely fail to be athletic. We believe that our players can reach a higher level of ability and hopefully still enjoy baseball for a long time.
Up to 10 years old, we don’t face teams on a regular basis as most programs are not as development oriented.   The time we spend with the kids at practice is very precious so we limit “downtime” as much as possible. Beeball is a variation of baseball to make it fun for younger kids who obviously don’t have the same attention spans as older kids.
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At the 12 and over level U12 (minime), we take part in the national competition. Practices are still run in a motor development mindset though the baseball fundamentals part is more important.
Every kid in our program practices switch-hitting until he gets to the 15 and over level.
Talent Detection Program:  The League (LFBBS) runs the Talent Detection Program.  The program is composed of two weekly trainings during the winter and once a week during the spring.  Kids from various clubs are under supervision from academy coaches.
The League accepts kids born between 1999 and 2003 who are affiliated with our LFBBS league.
About our coaching staff.
One of the coaches runs the beeball program, the U15 program and the Division 1 program. This coach also pitches for the national MLB-supported academy.
The coaching staff for U12 is run by an academy coach who also assists with the division 1 program.  We have a D1 umpire who has coached for over 20 years and leads some of the practices. We encourage young players from our program to pitch in by assisting coaches.  We are also helped by our import players who are former US college players, usually coming from top academic or athletic program.

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