WBSC Europe introduces tonight: BASEBALL SOFTBALL TV

Europe’s new platform for videos on-demand and live-streams of baseball and softball has launched! From now on, you will find all your favorite video content on baseballsoftball.tv!

link: www.baseballsoftball.tv

As a first great event, USSSA European Pro Series presented by WBSC featuring USSSA Pride of the National Pro Fastpitch League will face national teams of Italy, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

Starting on April 24, USSSA Pride will face Italy for a two-game series, before heading to Prague to face the Czech national team on Friday and Saturday. As a tour finale, the European Champion, the Netherlands, will face the US Pro Team in Moergestel, Hoofddorp, and Harlem for their three final games, starting on Monday, April 30.

The first baseball competition will be broadcasted in June, featuring the European Cups and national team events alike. Men’s Softball Championship will also be live-streamed in June. As the event of the season, the new video platform will cover the complete Super 6 tournament in September from Hoofddorp.

After ESF and CEB have reached a deal with Sportradar during the Joint Congress in Paris, the WBSC Europe Media Group has finalized the setup of the newly launched video platform, Baseball Softball Europe TV. As the first joint project, the OverTheTop Platform will bring together baseball and softball fans alike.


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